Travel Specialist Group – our company

Full-service travel agency

Travel Specialist Group Ltd is a privately owned, well-established Finnish tour operator and a travel agency. The company was founded in 1992.

Our motivated and dedicated team consists of more than 20 travel experts based in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Tallinn. Our head-office is situated in Helsinki, Finland.

Travel Specialist Group operates five leisure brands which specialize eg. in international cruises and leisure tours to Iceland. As an IATA certified travel agency, we can offer flights, hotels and other travel services for our clients. In addition, we organize group programs for special interest groups and corporate clients.

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Meet our wonderful team

  • Petri Lahdensalo

    Managing Director

  • Vesa Hautaniemi

    Country Manager, Sweden

  • Gabriella Blomroos

    Country Manager, Denmark

  • Noora Jumppanen

    Office Manager

  • Henna Parkkinen

    Product Manager

  • Anna Pöysti

    Operations Manager

  • Antti Raitamaa

    Sales Manager

  • Jasmin Immonen

    Travel Consultant

  • Minna Merikallio

    Travel Consultant

  • Saija Virtakangas

    Travel Consultant

  • Aino Lahdensalo

    Marketing Communications Specialist

  • Neea Kotimäki

    Production Coordinator

  • Rita Peetermann


  • Philipp Kachura

    Information Technology